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Reasons to Visit

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Meditate with a Monk

This is your perfect opportunity to practice and experience a relaxing guided Buddhist meditation with a Buddhist monk.

no experience needed. We will teach you basic knowledge about Buddhist meditation and mindfulness from the beginning.

Day-long Meditation Retreat

"Uposatha" means to come near our spiritual friends to learn the Buddha's teachings. 
Eight-precept Sil/Uposatha program. The day is spent meditating and learning the teachings of the Buddha. Lunch meal is offered to participants. You will have the opportunity to observe the eight precepts. 

Every third Saturday at 8 AM

Special Offering to Buddha and chanting

Buddha is our greatest teacher. Buddha showed us the path to enlightenment and to end of suffering.

let us pay homage to buddha and chant protective suttas together.


Every 4th Sunday at  5 PM


Children's Dhamma Program

​Children will have the chance to learn Theravadha Buddhism and Paritta chanting. 
No registration is necessary. Parents are welcome to join in. If you have questions, contact us at

Every 1st and 2nd Saturday at 5 PM

Advice from Buddha

You will be able to hear a short 20 minutes dhamma talk on Buddha's one of the advice.

Every Friday at 8 PM

Children's meal offering to monks

Teaching kids good qualities is parents one of the important responsibilities. Join your kids to this event for them to learn generosity, social skills and more. They will have the opportunity to serve food to monks.  

Every 2nd Sunday at 10 AM 


Sutta study

Buddhist teachings are 2600 years old. All these teaching are found in ancient Buddhist scriptures which is called suttas. This is your chance to learn those authentic Buddhist teachings.

Every Sunday at 7 PM

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